Chislehurst - BR7 - England

Service: 250ltr Solar unvented hot water cylinder

Job Description:

Heat in London decommissioned and removed cold water storage tank, vented cylinder and redundant pipework to supply and fit 250ltr Solar unvented hot water cylinder in the same location as the current cylinder.
We used both coils for the boiler feeds for the best performance. When solar power is fitted this needs to be  reconfigured so that 1 of the coils will be heated via the solar heat. We reconfigured the pipes in the airing cupboard to suit this new cylinder.
Along with the above works Heat in London also carried out the following works…

Removed existing shower pump and reconfigure pipework to suit.

Supplied and fit 15mm pressure reducing valve to the incoming mains supply under the kitchen sink. To  prevent unbalanced cold supply’s on mixer taps entering the hot supply and causing back flow.

Using a 18litre expansion vessel, we converted the heating system to a pressurized system.

Heating system was treated with the correct levels of system inhibitor once work had been completed.