Chipstead Station Parade - Chipstead

Service: Preparation work for customers new kitchen

Job Description:

Boiler works-
Drain heating, mains and hot supply’s.
Cut out existing pipe work.
Reconfigure all pipe into copper and so that they all are flush back to the wall in preparation for new kitchen units.
Relocate TF1 compact magnetic filter so it sits above the work top height, making easily serviceable in the future.
Replace leaking pressure relief valve (internal of the boiler casing) and re-pressurize expansion vessel.
Kitchen works-
Run new heating pipes at plinth level to the dinning room and first fix for new radiator.
First fix for new radiator on the wall facing the boiler. Also we will run new hot and cold supply’s at plinth level to the new kitchen sink location. Leave isolated.
Gas Pipe.
Reconfigure gas pipe so its no above surface level within the new door way.
System Power flush carried out.